What is Cisco Jabber?

I’ve seen (and admittedly spread) some confusion about Cisco Jabber in the past couple of years.

About 6 months ago I built a quick training for my team to try to provide a clear and simple answer to the question – “What is Cisco Jabber”?

Since then we’ve added several people so I wanted to make the pitch clear, concise, and…available on demand.

I captured a recording of me giving the explanation and posted my first draft on YouTube.

Imagine my surprise when the video quickly went “mini-viral” hitting 1,000 views within a few days.

Take 3 minutes to watch the very brief, and hopefully very clear answer to “What is Cisco Jabber?”

5 thoughts on “What is Cisco Jabber?

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  2. Ed Brooks

    Josh – Thanks for sharing the video.

    I am unclear about how you view Jabber as a brand, though. T

    By drawing the analogy with Apple, yes, you cannot walk into an Apple store and order an Apple. However, if you walked into the Apple store and ordered an iTunes, you may get a weird look, but then a helpful response that iTunes is an application that users of the various Apple devices use to interact with and manage their devices.

    Much like Jabber…Jabber is an application (client software), isn’t it? You can download the Jabber client for Android right from the Google App store – Jabber may not be a device, but is a tangible item (albeit digitally tangible) that users interact with and that ties into other devices in the UC architecture (whether customer/owned managed, co-managed or delivered via a cloud service).

    1. Josh Miller Post author

      Hi Ed –

      First thank you for having the discussion with me! It is a great question.

      It seems you base your question on the premise that a brand is something that is only intangible.
      I would point to Coke, Pepsi, Kleenex, Windows, and more. A brand can be both an ethereal concept if you will, and a tangible product.

      To be precise – “Jabber” is not an application. Jabber for Mac, Jabber for Windows, Jabber for Android, Jabber IM for iPhone, etc. are Applications.
      “Jabber” is a brand, or at a minimum a suite of products.
      As I talk about in the video from an engineer mindset, I look at what Jabber offers me, where I can use it, and how I can get it.

      A marketing person (watch some of Cisco’s recent marketing videos (one below) would look to convince the world that Jabber also evokes emotions of being able to work effectively anywhere you want.
      That messaging is commonly called branding.

      I’m not a marketing person – so I’ll stick with my Capabilities/Devices/Delivery model. 😉

      What do you think, fair analysis?

  3. Melinda

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for the information about Cisco Jabber! It is a great video. Do you by any chance know if Cisco Jabber has the Whiteboard function or if there is an add-on product that can work with Cisco Jabber?

    1. Josh Miller Post author

      Hi Melinda –
      Jabber ties in very tightly with WebEx, so if I wanted to do a whiteboard with Jabber I would launch an Instant WebEx meeting, and handle the whiteboarding from there.
      Hope this helps, sorry for the delay in getting back to you!


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