SDF – Free Prize Inside!

I just finished reading Seth Godin’s “Free Prize Inside“.

Great read, and as all of Seth’s works – it inspires the individual to feel empowered about doing SOMETHING to improve their world.

The premise of the book – go to the edge, find out what my customers want – and give them that.

Even if it turns things upside down, seems crazy, disrupts the current status quo – find what customers want (and are willing to pay for), and innovate that into my products.


This led me to thinking about what INX offers as our “Free Prize Inside” to our customers.

I realized with delight that as a credit to Andy Cadwell (SVP of Sales and Field Ops), and Kip Poindexter (his secret weapon IMHO) – INX has a Free Prize called SDF or Strategic Delivery Framework.


What system integrator customers want – a predictable, successful, and most importantly – GUARANTEED outcome.

What our competitors (and us until 6 years ago) give them – a risky, costly, and HOPEFUL outcome.


Strategic Delivery Framework is a framework that is designed to guarantee results of our projects – not just in terms of time or cost – but outcomes. ¬†We (nationally) complete well over 2,000 projects a year and are experts at what works and what doesn’t. ¬†Therefore we apply our expertise in a real way to customers – we guarantee that the outcome is what is desired by the business, and we put that in writing.


While this is a great and remarkable product – eventually our competition will figure out how to deliver better business results and lower risk to their customers and our growth based on our Free Prize Inside will slow.

What will our next free prize inside be?

What do you want to see from your system integrator/business partner?

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