New CUWL changes – AGAIN!


Cisco recently announced changes to the Cisco Unified Workspace Licensing (CUWL) bundle.



–1 Year of WebEx Connect (Jabber) subscription for all Standard and PRO users

–1 Port of WebEx MeetingCenter for all 10 Pro users


Rumor has it, customers who have purchased as recently as May of 2011 are eligible to grab the freebies.


MeetingPlace is also changing again – away from the User Connect Model and back to a “buy license here, another one there, and sometimes that one too” model.


The changes to CUWL are great and needed, however I see confusion coming on how they are going to be implemented.


Here are some of the questions I have to start:

  1. What about someone who has been a CUWL customer for many years?  Do they automatically get the WebEx Connect/MC addons?
  2. What about CUWL Standard users who deployed CUPS – is there any benefit for them?
  3. What about smaller CUWL PRO users who are deployed on MeetingPlace Express?  The change allows them to move to the cloud (and a better product in WebEx MeetingCenter vs. MeetingPlace Express) but the on-premise, fixed cost model they like is still not an option.
  4. Speaking of not fixed price – how are audio minutes going to be sold?  I’ve heard rumor they are on the GPL (Cisco Partner speak for price list we can sell), but haven’t seen any pricing on it.
  5. Is the WebEx MC ports going to be able to integrate with third-party for audio minutes?


I’ll be tracking down these and more answers, and will update the post as more details are fleshed out…

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