My wife and daughter Spark a picture miles apart

My wife and 4-year-old daughter recently drew a picture together.

My daughter was home in California; my wife was on a trip to Arizona.

So how did that picture come to be?

Cisco Spark’s free, intuitive group-sharing technology. Tech that gets out of the way to make room for easy conversation, eye contact across the miles, and plenty of 4-year-old giggles. The drawing itself was performed on one end from an iPad, the other from an iPhone.

Cisco Spark had just launched its new “whiteboarding” capability on January 24. Whiteboarding sounds a lot like “drawing” to me, as does it to my 4-year-old. So I opened up a Spark Space, called my wife in the app (we already use it for messaging), and handed an Apple Pencil to my little girl. And away they went!

Seeing my daughter drawing hearts and my wife coloring them in helped ease the pain of my wife traveling away from home for medical treatment. It helped mom and daughter feel closer during a difficult time. It helped me feel like my wife was able to share in daily activities, even though she had to be away for a few weeks.

Thank you, Cisco Spark, for letting my wife be a part of precious family moments… even when she was away from home.

Here’s a quick video of this interaction. I hope you enjoy!

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