First Video call from iPad2 to Cisco environment! (1 of 2)

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on an iPad2 long enough for a while to try out a perhaps unexpected way to use it for video calls with our internal Cisco VCS/VCS-X/TMS/Tandberg Endpoints, Cisco Video Phones, Cisco Immersive TP endpoints environment.

The unexpected way?  Use the Polycom mobile app announced and released a few weeks ago.

I picked up a few iPad2’s tonight, and got some time while the wife and kids were away to hack at it for a while.

So far I’ve tested successful 2-way video calls between the iPad2 and:

  1. Cisco Movi 4.2 running on iMac 27″
  2. Cisco Movi 4.2 running on MacBook Pro
  3. Cisco Cius running firmware sipcius.9-2-1SR2-21SEC through call to MCU 4501
  4. Cisco Cius running firmware sipcius.9-2-1SR2-21SEC through call to Cisco TPS

Directly dialing between the Cius and the iPad2 results in only audio coming from the Cius to the iPad2.

I’ve also tested and expect it is working (but can’t verify the other side of the call) calls to:

  1. Cisco C40 registered to VCS-Control (whereas I’m registered to the Expressway)
  2. Cisco EX60 registered to VCS-Control

Lastly (cuz I need sleep) I tested presentation from the Movi client and it worked successfully.

A few screen shots showing what settings I used:

This is the main settings screen.  I ignored the Polycom specific settings:

Now for the SIP settings – I haven’t gotten H323 calls working just yet:

I blurred out the specific settings, however you will want to set them as the following:

  • SIP Proxy Server – set this to your external VCS Expressway address (I’m using DNS, haven’t tried IP) – exactly how you would have it setup in your Movi client
  • SIP Registrar Server – Same as above
  • Domain – your domain – for me it was simply  Exactly what you would use for your Movi client.
  • SIP User Name – This is the SIP address you will register with.  I’ve played with this a bit and found that as long as you can authenticate, you can tweak your SIP URI.  As such you can call me @ if my client is running.  It also works to register as the same URL you use for Movi (most practical) and the Expressway will ring all of your logged in Movi endpoints.
  • Authorized Name – This is the login name, no @domain or DOMAIN was needed for me.
  • SIP Password – Password you would use to login to Movi
  • Transport Protocol – UDP – didn’t work on TCP

From what I understand there has been a Tandberg Movi app for several years that simply hasn’t seen the light of day.  Here’s to hoping I can get my hands on a real Cisco video client for the iPad and Android soon!



UPDATE:  I also tried out the ClearSea service and am rather displeased at the full-court bait and switch they employ.  They offer a service, and then e-mail you a few days later to let you know you are on a trial and you are going to be limited to a nearly useless account if you don’t cough up $40/month.  Screen shot below shows pricing.

6 thoughts on “First Video call from iPad2 to Cisco environment! (1 of 2)

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    1. Josh Miller Post author

      Thanks Andrew! I actually saw (and retweeted) that on Twitter a bit earlier this morning. It looks like the Jabber for iPad will add portrait mode (which is lacking on the Polycom client) which is a plus. I’m certainly looking forward to this – need someone to review it? 😉

      1. Josh Miller Post author

        Hi Andrew – not sure if you will see this, but wondering if we are closer to a date being announced for the cisco video iPad client? The general populous eagerly awaits!

  2. George

    I got this working great with the instructions.
    My only beef with Polycom client is lack of directory/phonebook/contact feature (limited to using the recent calls log or dialing the URI every time) or the fact that while on cellular, I cannot get the device to register at all with our server.
    Josh and I e-mailed on this and he suggested ClearSea, which allows a free account (this is like LifeSize’s version of the Cisco Jabber for TelePresence beta – a free cloud video/SIP account and an app), and with ClearSea, it works over cellular & has a phonebook/contacts function. The only drawback is that I receive calls at my free ClearSea URI as opposed to my corporate SIP URI.
    I am using this on the new iPad with Verizon LTE.

    1. Josh Miller Post author

      Yikes! I just got an e-mail from ClearSea saying my trial was about to expire. Looks like this service is 100% bait and switch. The “free” account only allows 5 minutes of video calling and knocks you down to CIF (352×288) quality.

      The pricing only shows up when you login to your account. Screen shot inserted into post above.

      Shady, shady, shady. Shame on you ClearSea/Logitech/Lifesize.


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