Explain your job to a 5 year old…

Last week I was asked to fill out a form for my son’s Kindergarten class explaining what I do.

My life is spent explaining what I (and my solutions) do to customers of all ages. Explaining to a kindergartener shouldn’t be too hard right?


It turns out, everything I do and sell is assumed by 5 year olds.

When my son is talking to me on my wife’s iPhone – he is LOOKING at the screen for me. He is assuming he will be able to see me when talking to me, even if he is driving home from school talking on a mobile device.

Our home phone rolls to my wife’s cell phone when nobody picks up – he assumes that communications aren’t tied to places or “lines”.

We regularly reach out to family members over video to play the “pass the pen” game — pretending that the pen I toss behind our computer screen is the same one my brother pulls out from behind his computer screen.

When I’m travelling, my kids assume I won’t miss out on little things like playing hide and seek over video.

What does this tell me?

  1. At a minimum, in about 20 years technology consultants will no longer need to explain “why” video is better. Video will simply be assumed to be the way businesses communicate.
  2. We better work on that pen transport technology or else I’m going to have to eventually break it to my kids that it isn’t really the same pen!

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