Enterprise Video on the iPad #2 (2 of 2)

A few weeks back I posted that I was able to get video working on the iPad2 and that video integrated with our Cisco/Tandberg environment.

I’m pleased to provide an update based on version 1.03 of the Polycom iPad2 app that fixes three issues I had with the previous version.

Fix #1 – DTMF now working – Thanks @paland for the heads up on that issue

Fix #2 – Correct resolution when calling a Telepresence Content Server (TCS).  On the previous Polycom version I could only connect @ 192×144 vs. the 480×352 that I was expecting.  I could connect at the higher resolution to any other endpoint, it was only the TCS that would result in a lower resolution connection.

Fix #3 – Unpredictable SIP registration on TCP vs. UDP – I would sometimes need to toggle between TCP and UDP due to failed registration.  On the new version I haven’t seen any failures regardless of protocol.

At first when downloading the new version, I thought Polycom was going to lock me out of the app unless I had their infrastructure.  This screenshot was why I thought this…

Fortunately it turns out that login is their attempt at autodiscovery of their CMA server.

You can put in bogus information, tap Sign In, and still get to the main screen.

Notice the Alert icon on the bottom of the screen.  Tapping on it shows you that your login to the automatically detected CMA server (that doesn’t exist in my case) failed.


From here the settings are nearly identical to the last version.

Tap the Gear (Settings) icon in the bottom right corner of the screen and be presented with the main settings page:

First, toggle the Polycom CMA service to OFF.

That adds the familiar H323 and SIP options.

Then toggle the 3G/4G Call Rate to 512Kbps.  This is a new setting, in the past it only knew about 3G.

Your screen should look like:

Tap to go into the H.323 Settings.  I have H.323 calling disabled on mine to more closely match how the Movi client operates (SIP only).

Once into SIP settings enter the settings as shown below.


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