Monthly Archives: April 2013

Everyone is Missing the Boat

After sitting through keynotes by nearly all the main manufacturers at UC Strategies this week, I come away saddened that collaboration vendors are startlingly blind to the obvious.

Three quick questions for you to answer:
#1 – How many times have you used text (SMS) messaging on your cell phone?
#2 – How many people do you know that use SMS as their primary communication medium?
#3 – How many large UC vendors are embedding SMS into their solutions to allow employees to use SMS as a medium for normal communications?

Now let’s compare your answers to industry stats:

#1 – SMS is huge, and getting bigger. While some argue that apps on top of phones are overtaking SMS, that report includes apps (notably iMessage) that emulates a SMS interaction, and falls back to SMS in the event the app’s message doesn’t go through.
Informa estimates that SMS Messaging to reach for 19.5 BILLION messages per DAY in 2013.

#2 – In ALL age categories – CNN reports that Americans are sending and receiving more text messages than phone calls on their mobile phones. The younger the age group, the more dramatic the ratio (88 text vs. 17 calls for ages 18-29).
Interestingly a TIME survey shows that 32% of respondents would rather use text messages instead of voice calls. Either that means people wish they could use video as well, or not everyone realizes how much they actually are using texts!

#3 – According to my research – no manufacturer has embedded SMS into their native chat clients, or included SMS capability in their “Single” number forwarding/forking/etc. capabilities. Know of any that I’m missing?