Monthly Archives: November 2011

Acquisition #2 – Underway

Here I go again!

Nearly 7 years ago the small Cisco Silver Partner (Datatran Network Systems) I worked for was acquired by INX.

This is an exciting time in the industry and I woke up this morning to a company nearly quadrupled in size!

It was announced today that Presidio is buying out INX – my current employer.

The response thus far both internally and externally has been very positive with my general sense being “sweet, we are bigger now”.

We seem to be a good match in geography and skill sets and while details are still being worked out, I’m excited about what the future holds!


While I was deeply involved in the sale of DNS and helped drive it to close, this one came as a surprise.

I guess that is the difference between being a big fish in a small pond vs. a big fish in a small lake!

Time to be a big fish…in a small sea….

(I feel like the timing of starting Seth Godin’s Linchpin a few days ago was almost prescient…)